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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuses Executive Order to Review Delisting of Gray Wolves

A troubling new press release by the conservation nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity reveals that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services is ignoring an executive order to review the Trump Administration’s decision to delist Gray Wolves from the Endangered Species Act. In one of President Biden’s first executive orders, Federal Government agencies were asked to conductContinue reading

Breaking! Beyond Meat & JUST Egg Partner With Peet’s Coffee To Launch The All Vegan ‘Everything Plant-Based Sandwich’ In The United States

Photo from Peet’s Coffee Yesterday, Peet’s Coffee, together with Beyond Meat and JUST Egg, announced the launch of the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich as part of its 2021 Spring menu, harnessing the plant-based movement. The fully vegan twist on a traditional breakfast sandwich, which boasts 21 grams of protein, is now available at participating Peet’s coffeebars throughout the UnitedContinue reading

Arctic ice loss forces polar bears to use four times as much energy to survive – study

Polar bears and narwhals are using up to four times as much energy to survive because of major ice loss in the Arctic, according to scientists. Once perfectly evolved for polar life, apex predators are struggling as their habitats shrink and unique adaptations become less suited to an increasingly ice-free Arctic, researchers say. The mammalsContinue reading

Breaking! Shocking Undercover Investigation Inside Harris Beef Slaughterhouse That Supplies Meat To Costco

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) investigators recently obtained graphic hidden-camera footage that was taken inside Harris Beef in Selma, California. The shocking video reveals how cows are systematically restrained and killed with a slice to the throat while fully conscious. Workers then administer a bolt gun shot to the forehead to incapacitate the animals before the butcheryContinue reading

Breaking! U.S. Congress Is Urged To Increase Funding For Endangered Species Conservation By $300 Million Beginning In 2022

More than 170 groups urged the United States Congress to significantly increase the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s budget for endangered species conservation from $291.7 million to $592.1 million. This marks an increase of approximately $300 million from last year’s budget. According to the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service’s data, hundreds of endangered species receive less thanContinue reading

Should private funding and a nonprofit organization be involved in state wildlife management?

If you kill a wolf in Idaho, your effort might be worth $1,000. A nonprofit in North Idaho covers costs for hunters and trappers who successfully harvest wolves. The group, called the Foundation for Wildlife Management pays up to $1,000 per wolf harvest. The group has been around since 2012, and although some conservationists dislike it,Continue reading

Call To Action! Toronto Slaughterhouse Ordered To Permanently Close In 2019 Due To E-Coli Contamination But Reopens Under New Management

After Toronto’s most infamous slaughterhouse, Ryding Regency Meat Packers, was ordered to permanently close in 2019 due to e-coli contamination, they shockingly reopened yesterday under new management. The slaughterhouse, now named Tru Harvest Meats, opened their doors once again at the same location to kill 83,200 cows and baby calves per year. Sadly, the majority ofContinue reading

26 Grizzlies Captured, 18 Euthanized in Wyoming Last Year

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department captured 26 grizzly bears and euthanized 18 of them throughout 2020. The department detailed the capture of the bears in its annual report on bear captures, relocations and removals in northwest Wyoming. Over 2020, the department captured 26 bears in 27 different events (one bear was captured twice) inContinue reading

Trophy hunter poses with ‘Valentine’s gift’ – the heart of giraffe she just shot

A trophy hunter poses with her “perfect” Valentine’s gift – the heart of a giraffe she’s just shot. Merelize Van Der Merwe, 32, boasts of how her “wonderful” husband spent £1,500 to make her five-year dream come true at a game park last Sunday. The sick photo she proudly posted on her Facebook page hasContinue reading

World Animal News TOP Stories Making Headlines

1. WAN Talks With World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Reese Halter About The Controversial Wolf Hunt That Happened Last Week In Wisconsin & How To End It Tragically, last week, hundreds of gray wolves in Wisconsin became prey to greedy and callous hunters in the state’s first wolf hunt in seven years. The abhorrent and senselessly cruel huntContinue reading