Tasmania shark attack likely involved 3.5m great white, marine scientists say | Sharks


The shark that grabbed a 10-year-old boy from a fishing boat off north-west Tasmania was likely a great white measuring about 3.5 metres, scientists have said.

Lucas Arnott is recovering after the attack about 5km off the coast of Stanley on 17 July.


He was standing on the side of the boat when the shark dragged him into the water. Lucas survived after his father, John, jumped in after him and scared the shark away.

“CSIRO marine scientists have examined the life jacket and concluded that the damage is consistent with a white shark with a total length of approximately 3.6-3.7m,” Tasmania police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The police said the attack was a “traumatic event for the boy and his family” who requested privacy as Lucas continued to recover.

“Whilst this has been an extraordinary event, it highlights the importance of wearing a well-maintained and correctly fitted life jacket, as that, combined with the bravery of his father, helped save the boy’s life.”

Lucas spent several days in hospital after undergoing surgery for cuts to his arm, chest and head.

Bystanders in Stanley, which has a population of a few hundred people, gave Lucas first aid on the shore before paramedics arrived.

His grandfather, David, has previously thanked those in the town for providing help.

“As you can understand, it was a shock to our family [and] it’s taken us a while to digest what has happened,” he said.

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