Peace 4 Animals works every day to generate positive change for animals, our health, and our environment. The following is a sampling of some of the many ways the noted nonprofit organization is helping to make the world a better place.

Peace 4 Animals helps to protect and save endangered species from around the world, including working with and supporting numerous anti-poaching partners and rescue groups on the ground throughout Africa, Indonesia, and India.

The Peace 4 Animals team continues to work with their legislative partners in California to help pass critical landmark animal welfare bills throughout the state.

Currently, Peace 4 Animals is finishing its second documentary titled ‘Why On Earth’ which shines a light on many of the brave and compassionate people who dedicate their lives to saving animals worldwide. Peace 4 Animals previously produced the award-winning documentary ‘Give Me Shelter’ which premiered on Netflix in 2015.

Working to inspire, educate, and affect the critical change that is necessary in the world today, Peace 4 Animals also creates thought-provoking and impactful billboard campaigns, including ones that promote a plant-based diet in order to save the lives of millions of animals on factory farms.

On this Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to Peace 4 Animals to help support their continued efforts to improve and protect our worlds’ most sentient beings, HERE!

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