FOUR PAWS Rescues Bears Suzie And Bubloo And Relocates Them To A Sanctuary In Jordan Marking The End Of Marghazar Zoo In Islamabad

Following the successful rescue of the now world-famous elephant Kaavan two weeks ago, global animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS International managed to evacuate the last two animals at Marghazar Zoo, Himalayan brown bears Suzie and Bubloo.

FOUR PAWS transferred the bears via plane yesterday from Pakistan to Jordan, where they will find a species-appropriate home at the sanctuary “Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife” – run by the Princess Alia Foundation and FOUR PAWS.

The departure of Suzie and Bubloo, means that there are finally no more animals left in the Islamabad zoo, which is finally closing its gates for good.

Since August 2020, FOUR PAWS, together with Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), and financially supported by American businessman Eric S. Margolis, has evacuated over 30 animals from Marghazar Zoo, including: wolves, deer, rabbits, monkeys, and elephant Kaavan.

The two bears Suzie and Bubloo have endured years of suffering. Before they came to Marghazar Zoo, they were abused as so-called dancing bears. To prevent them from hurting their owner and spectators, both bears had almost all of their teeth removed.

The FOUR PAWS team also found serious behavioral issues with the animals. Vets had to perform an emergency surgery on 17-year-old Suzie back in August 2020, as she was suffering from a badly infected chest wound likely due to a recent tumour removal.

“After witnessing the departure of recently rescued elephant Kaavan, Suzie and Bubloo have also finally starting their new life. With their departure to Jordan, we can give the bears the medical treatment and care they desperately need,” said Dr. Amir Khalil, FOUR PAWS veterinarian and head of the rescue mission, in a statement. “After almost four months of hard work in Pakistan, we are locking the gates of Marghazar Zoo once and for all.

“The last-minute cancellation of the bears’ export permits was a brief setback last week but thankfully the Islamabad High Court and IWMB ruled once again in favor of animal welfare,” concluded Khalil. The transfer would also never have been possible without the support of the Pakistani community, as well as the financial help of American businessman Eric S. Margolis.”

We are happy Suzie and Bubloo will now begin to live their lives loved and cared for at Sanctuary Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife.

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Breaking! FOUR PAWS Rescues Animals From Horrific Marghazar Zoo In Pakistan After The Death Of Two Lions

Shocking footage of two lions fighting a fire in their small enclosure at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad has called global animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS and local authorities to action.

Inexperienced animal handlers had set a fire in an attempt to force the big cats into transport crates. Unfortunately, both lions died as a result of smoke inhalation.

The lions were being transferred after a ground-breaking decision was made by the High Court in Islamabad to close the underfunded Marghazar Zoo. The decision was reached this past May because of the zoo’s insufficient keeping conditions.

Now, FOUR PAWS, the Pakistani Ministry of Climate Change, and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) are working together to safely relocate the remaining animals. There are over 30 animals – two Himalayan brown bears, three wolves, twelve monkeys, one deer, and over fourteen rabbits – waiting to be saved.

An experienced team of FOUR PAWS veterinarians and experts, including Dr. Amir Khalil, are currently on site to prepare the animals for their departure. Unfortunately, poor keeping conditions have left their mark on the zoo animals.

“Before the two bears came to the zoo, they were forced to perform as so-called ‘dancing bears’ and their teeth had been removed. Together with the zoo vet, we already had to perform an emergency surgery on the female bear as she had a severely infected wound resulting from a recent tumour removal,” said Mission Leader and FOUR PAWS Veterinarian, Dr. Amir Khalil in a statement. “We have also noticed serious behavioural disorders in all of the animals. They are apathetic and at times aggressive.”

Among the more than 30 animals is an elephant named Kaavan, who achieved worldwide fame thanks to an international rescue campaign.

Kaavan came to Pakistan as a gift from Sri Lanka in 1985. The elephant shared an enclosure at the Marghazar Zoo with his partner Saheli until her passing in 2012. For eight long years Kaavan has lived a lonely existence.

In 2016, an international campaign to save Kaavan was launched. When the court in Islamabad ruled the closure of the zoo in May 2020, it was also decided that Kaavan should be taken to an animal sanctuary in or outside Pakistan, contingent on his medical condition. FOUR PAWS is now supporting the Pakistani government with the assessment of the elephant’s health status. Depending on the results, Kaavan might be relocated to a sanctuary later in the year. His future depends on the results of the medical exams being conducted by FOUR PAWS.

“We are grateful that the FOUR PAWS experts are in Islamabad to assist the local authorities with the medical assessment and relocation of the remaining animals at Marghazar Zoo,” said Dr. Anis ur Rahman, Chairman of IWMB. “These animals deserve a better future and we are happy to make this possible.”

“Our global FOUR PAWS team of animal experts and veterinarians are dedicated to bringing compassion and urgent care to animals in need anywhere in the world. We specialize in addressing some of the most challenging and unique animal welfare issues, often times going where no one else can or will go,” said Danika Oriol-Morway, FOUR PAWS USA Country Director.

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FOUR PAWS Rescues Two Asiatic Black Bear Cubs From The Illegal Wildlife Trade In Vietnam After Smuggler Tried To Sell Them Online

“Although the sale and possession of bear bile is illegal in Vietnam, it still exists due to weak enforcement of the laws. We hope that this new directive and subsequent revised enforcement efforts will also affect bear farming and eradicate the illegal sale and possession of bile products. We also hope that these efforts will ensure no new and illegal bears enter bear farms and that any unregistered bears are swiftly confiscated,” said Kieran Harkin from FOUR PAWS.

Following years of work trying to end illegal bear bile farming and wildlife trafficking in Vietnam, FOUR PAWS urges the Vietnamese authorities to enforce the ban comprehensively in order to efficiently protect wildlife.

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